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A helping hand that rocks your baby to sleep, gently and softly. The spring is safety tested and has a safety strap for reassurance every time it's nap time, so you can also rest with peace of mind.

  • More and better sleep for your baby - and for you
  • Extend the lifetime of your product with the Spring+
  • Free up time for yourself
Select Spring: Spring for Baby Hammock

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A spring is a spring, right? Not as far as we’re concerned.

Moonboon's springs are made to the highest standards and include a safety strap that gives you extra piece of mind when using one to help gently rock your little one off to sleep.

Our wide range of springs have been specifically designed for our baby hammocks and cradle, with each specially adapted to a specific weight range that will provide the optimum rocking motion for your baby to help them sleep better and for longer.

Prepare for more, better, and safer sleep for your precious little ones, even as they continue to grow.

Spring for baby hammock: Child’s weight: 3-12 kg

Spring for cradle and twin baby hammock: With cradle: child’s weight 3-12 kg With twin baby hammock: children’s weight 4-12 kg

Spring+ for cradle and twin baby hammock: With cradle: child's weight 12-20 kg With twin baby hammock: children’s weight 12-20 kg

One size

What is included:
1 x Spring with safety strap and swivel-carabiner
1 x Cotton spring-cover
1 x plastic part

Spring for baby hammock:
Child's weight: 3-12 kg

Spring for cradle and twin baby hammock:
There is a difference in the weight of the products and also the children's weight from the cradle to twin baby hammock.

When used with cradle - child weight: 3-12 kg. When used with twin baby hammock - total weight of children 4-12 kg.

Spring + for cradle and twin baby hammock:
Moonboon's Spring + for cradle and twin baby hammock can be purchased if you have a larger child or wish to extend the life of the cradle and twin baby hammock.

When used with cradle - child weight: 12-20 kg twin baby hammock: children's combined weight 12-20 kg.

Always read the user manual carefully before use. If you have any further questions, please read our FAQ below.

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Coming with a built-in safety strap inside the spring, our spring is rigorously tested. These tests show that our springs can bounce 18 million times without showing any signs of wear or tear.


Rooted in our Scandinavian heritage, we strive to deliver a minimalistic design that follows function and cares for the environment simultaneously.


Safety above all else. Our products are developed and tested extensively by sleep experts in Denmark, giving you peace of mind that your baby is sleeping safe and sound.

If it's not safe, we don't sell it

Choose Safety

You never compromise on your baby’s safety, and we don’t either! Therefore we have created an overview of important things to keep in mind when shopping baby sleep products, so that you and your baby can sleep soundly.